Natural Woven Shades

Deluxe Valance Returns


Horizons' exclusive Deluxe Returns are a no-charge option. They stay neatly in place and do not flair out like valance returns from other companies.




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Edge Accents Banding


Natural Woven Shades may be made with a 2" wide fabric strip laminated to the edges and/or bottoms of the shade and valance. They are laminated to the front of the shade/valance and do not wrap around to show from behind. Edge Accents may be made from any of the hundreds of fabrics in our Horizons Soft Treatments Collection or even C.O.M.

Inset Edge Accents Banding


In addition to being offered on the edge of the shade, banding may also be inset from the edge 2" for a distinctly different look.

Motorized Shades


Horizons Natural Woven Roman Shades are available with either battery powered motors or A/C (plug-in) powered motors. The remotes are radio frequency.




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Motorized Averte Natural Fold


The unique Averte Natural Fold is also available motorized for convenience. The heavy duty drapery-style motorization system is A/C (plug-in) and operates with an infrared remote control.



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UpRight Controls


UpRight is Horizons convenient continuous clutch control. Instead of the traditional cord lock, the shade is operated with a chain loop that does not get any longer as you raise the shade.

Turned Headrail


A Turned Headrail makes the headrail's depth 3/4" and the height 1-1/2". This is most commonly used in cases of limited mounting depth.

Duo-Fold Controls


Duo-Fold is B&W’s unique top-down/bottom-up control option. The shade may be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top.



Privacy or Blackout lining is available on any Horizons Natural Woven Shade. The face of the lining is color-coordinated to the shade color. The back (exterior) side is white.

Decorative Trimmings


Decorative Trimmings (fringes, gimps, beads and tassels) are available as beautiful accents across the bottom of the shade and/or valance. C.O.M. trimmings are also accepted.



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Multiple Shades on One Headrail


Two-on-Ones & Three-on-Ones are multiple shades mounted on a single headrail, usually with a common valance.

Waterfall Style Controls


Shades may be ordered with the shade mounted to the front of the headrail, eliminating the need for a valance. With the Waterfall style, the controls are concealed behind the shade.

Arch Top Shades & Stationary Arches


Not everyone has these specialty shaped windows, but for customers who does, B&W Window Fashions has this great solution.

Angle Top Shades


Angle Top Shades are functioning Roman shades that are able to be raised to the bottom of the triangular valance.

Contempo Scallops


Contempo Scallops are a traditional way to add visual interest to either the bottom of the valance or the bottom of your shades. Your choice of six elegant patterns are cut from the bottom and trimmed.

Valance Ties


Sometimes it is the little details that can add the finishing touch to your window fashion creation. Valance ties are a pair of 2" wide bands that can be added to a classic valance on any Horizons Natural Woven Shades. They are offered in any of the fabric in the Horizons Soft Treatments collection or even C.O.M.

Double & Triple Hobbled Valances


To add height and depth to a shade, consider the Double or Triple Hobbled Valance. They are available attached to the shade in place of the Classic Valance or separately on its own headrail to go over some other window fashion.

Mitered Headrails


Mitered headrails are used when shades must meet as tightly as possible in a corner or in the angles of a bay window. The workroom cuts the headrails to the desired angle and shortens the valances so that the two units butt right up against one another.

Cut Outs


When your shade needs to go around an obstacle, cut outs are the answer. They may be taken from any corner, edge or even the center of the shade.

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