Paperless order entry


One of the unfulfilled promises of the computer age is the paperless office. At Horizons we’ve taken a small step to make this aspiration a reality with our paperless order entry. When you fax or email an order to Horizons, the original never gets printed out on paper. Our fax server stores the image as an electronic file and customer service enters it into production with the dual screen system you see here.


Another unexpected side-effect of this paper saving system is no more lost faxes! Paper faxes can be misplaced, lost or set aside. All of the faxes that we receive are electronically filed, organized and easy to access!




Allow us to email your acknowledgements, invoices and statements


Last year we saved over 150,000 sheets of paper by e-mailing acknowledgements, invoices and statements to customers who provided us with their email addresses. It is quicker and more efficient than snail-mail! If you haven’t already done so, please call customer service, provide us with your e-mail address and activate this time & resource saving service.

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